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Monday, November 29, 2010

We're in the Toronto Star!

The fight for access to hospital records in Ontario is now a matter of public record, in the Toronto Star.

Today at 2 PM, the social policy committee of the Ontario legislature will vote on an amendment -- proposed by a hospital insurance company, the Ontario Hospital Association, and the Ontario Medical Association -- which will prevent you from accessing "quality of care information" from hospitals.

Versions of this amendment were tabled by the Liberals and Conservatives on Friday without public consultation, and once the vote goes through Monday, it is unlikely we can change the wording before it becomes law.  This is your democracy at work.

If you are troubled by this, enough to speak to the press about it, please contact us at impatient4change@gmail.com with your name, phone number (where we can reach you quickly), email, and a very brief summary of why you care about accessing "quality of care" information in hospitals.  If you give us explicit permission, we can then pass on a list of people for this issue to the press.  No information will be leaked to press without explicit consent, because we are very cognizant of privacy issues.

This is a rush situation, the press moves quickly and this is today's story.  So don't procrastinate, get in touch right now.

And please repost and retweet this blog post as much as possible today.

Thanks very much for checking out this blog and I hope you will join us, and lend your skills for this effort to improve the health care system for everyone.

Best, EPM (Every Patient Matters).

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