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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Response to the Ontario Hospital Association's Press Release

Re: the Ontario Hospital Association's Press Release: http://bit.ly/dOtIX1

The Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) is trying to distance itself from comments by law firm Osler, that hospitals should "cleanse" their records to prevent scandal. But its arguments simply don't stand up.

The OHA claims Osler doesn't represent it, but the firm represents many of the OHA's member hospitals.

While the OHA is clearly not pleased that Osler has "chosen to publicly share" their advice on avoiding compliance with FIPPA, it's not clear what steps the OHA is prepared to take to show its commitment to transparency.

While the OHA pays lip service to the Freedom of Information Act (FIPPA), its actions belie its words: it has been lobbying the government for months to pass a hospital secrecy law which undermines the Act in both letter and spirit.

The hospital secrecy law (Bil 173 s.15) will build a wall around hospitals so high and thick that the public can't get through.

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